An history of passion and hard work

Our Company

The Italian way of coffee making shines in the classic coffee makers made by Pezzetti:
Italexpress, Luxexpress, Steelexpress, Bellexpress.
Our story starts from afar, dating back to 1940, an history of hard work and passion that live nowadays in all of our products.

The historic company Pezzetti, headquartered in Seregno, is founded in 40s by Ezio Pezzetti, charismatic character which will stay at the head of the company for more than 50 years.


In 1947 there’s the starting point of the production and distribution of 10-concave-sided coffee makers, named at that time “Everest Express” (6 cups capacity): every day 200 new pieces are fabricated.


In the following decade, the coffee maker is renamed “Italexpress”, in order to the tradition of italian coffee making, and being able to globally export the product; new capability (1-3-9-14 cups) are added and the annual production reaches a peak of 200.000 pieces.


The 70s are characterised by the first TV ads and Pezzetti smartly introduce itself in with two carousels (each one 3-minutes long) featuring the slogans “Brilla fuori, brilla dentro e fa un caffè che è un portento!” and “Brilla per far brillare il tuo caffè!”.


In 2004 Abert and Ghidini Cipriano acquire the company from Ezio Pezzetti and transfer its headquarters to Brescia.


Nowadays Pezzetti is a global brand, present in different countries all over the world. The style of its creations and the attention to details qualifies Pezzetti coffee makers as the perfect mate for every break time.